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In January 2020, Debra wrote The Sweetest Day, for a Hansel and Gretel anthology, which was available from February 2020 to Nov 2020. (out of print) This fairy tale for any age is not a romance and will be re-released in a longer version, under Debra Bishop, Debra’s new pen name for all her non-romance books.

Debra’s short story, Two Steps New Steps, is in the Wounded Warriors anthology. Available in eBook and in print. This short story is a follow-up to Check Out, book one, and will be out in an expanded form as Check In, book two in the Bobbins Sisters Series.

Debra’s short story, The Road to Groom Lake, in the We Know the Truth, Do You? Area 51 Anthology is going to the moon as part of a time capsule!

Debra’s short story Vampire From Memphis was the first story she ever had published, before she started writing romance novels. Appearing in the horror anthology Monsters From Memphis (out of print) she was paid with two free copies of the book. The editor told her the story had a heavy romance element. Her story was nominated for a Darrel Award.

Twilight Dips (Debra’s poetry anthology and her first self-published book) will be re-released one day under Debra Bishop.