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Protecting Pippa: Special Forces: Operation Alpha

Protecting Pippa – 

Available in: print and ebook
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Synopsis: If you could have great sex with a hot man who didn’t know who you were, and who you’d never see again, would you do it?

Pippa’s co-worker asks this question and convinces her to attend a costume-required Halloween party. Pippa has never done one-night stands. She doesn’t even date because she’s hiding on the other side of the country from her crazy ex-husband and hoping he never shows up to kill her. The last time she saw him, he had his hands around her neck and was squeezing tight—before she blacked out. After she came to, she knew she needed to leave their house, and him, forever. She vowed to stay away from men because they often weren’t what they seemed.
But the chance to have one memorable night while hiding behind an anonymous mask, combined with the fact she hasn’t had sex in over a year, creates a situation where she can’t stop herself from saying yes.
Tanner “Diesel” Taylor is a SEAL and one of the most responsible men on the planet. So responsible that when his mother died while he was in high school, he helped his father run the garage and supported his four siblings. When he joined the SEALS, he took on the responsibilities that went with the job and vowed he wouldn’t marry and settle down. He’s still not ready to support a wife and kids and, instead, wants to focus on the job and see the world.
Neither counts on meeting someone they won’t forget. Neither counts on having the best sex of their lives. Neither counts on making a baby.
He asks for her number, but being afraid he’ll turn out to be just another bad choice in men, she refuses to give it to him.
 Two years later, he finds her and his son. But he arrives on her doorstep too late. Her ex has been released from prison and is furious that she’s had another man’s child—a son that should have been his. When Tanner arrives, Pippa and his son have already been abducted by a man who just served time in prison for felonious assault and nearly beating a man to death in a bar. Now, Diesel must get them back.
Pippa, abducted by her ex, who seems even crazier than before, is terrified for herself and for her baby.
She is out of hope and doesn’t know a SEAL is coming to her rescue.