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Protecting Zarifah: Special Forces: Operation Alpha

Protecting Zarifah – 

Available in: print and ebook
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Synopsis: Navy SEAL Antonius (Tony) “Cutter” Cuttino is an Italian American male who has a thing for dancers. He loves their grace and athleticism. He’s been dating strippers, but his grandmother keeps asking when he will marry and give her grandbabies. When he attends a belly dance show and sees Zarifah he is smitten. 
“Zarifah” is an American belly dancer, who as child gymnast Edith Smith, was training for the Olympics, before her coaches dashed water on her dream. Her dance style is a unique blend of graceful dance and athleticism. Moments after her fiancé puts an engagement ring on her finger, he changes, demanding she stop dancing in public. She breaks the engagement, but he refuses to accept the ring or the breakup. When he hits her, the police arrest him. She never wants to see him again.

She signs up for the first Shimmy Mob event, a belly dance event held on international belly dance day all around the world, which raises awareness and money for local domestic abuse shelters. Like many women, she never thought she would be a victim of domestic violence. Now she wants to help other women and she takes part, with her troupe, in the Shimmy Mob event.

Cutter and Zarifah start dating. She might be the woman of his dreams, the one he will take home to meet his grandmother. 

Her ex fiancé decides if he cannot have her, no one will. The troupe has just finished their Shimmy Mob performance when the live shooter fires. He has no idea a Navy SEAL is there to protect Zarifa.