Isabella, Bride of Ohio


Isabella: Bride of Ohio is book 17 in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series.

Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, first loses her parents and then her job at the factory after it burns down. Nothing in American seems to last but she hopes her mail order bride marriage to the handsome and wealthy Donald Jenks will. But as her grandmother always said, trouble comes in threes and there is danger standing between her and her happy ever after with her true love.

Tom, a Pinkerton agent, is on the case of disappearing women is traveling on the same train as Isabella when she is selected as the next victim. Will he save her in time for her to marry Donald? And will she have the happy ever after she has dreamed of?

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The Twelve Stitches of Christmas


A handsome knight and true love are the recipe for breaking the evil spell that enslaves Carolennea–all in time for Christmas.


Ensorcelled and enslaved by her evil uncle, Carolennea has lost her sweet voice and sews the impossibly beautiful clothing he sells in his tailor shop. But this yuletide season will bring a new customer: a handsome knight for whom she will brave her uncle’s wrath—and who in return will help break the spell. Sir Ardin will set free her fingers, her voice…and her heart.


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Jenna’s Christmas Wish

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Jenna’s Christmas Wish is available now!


jenna's christmas cover dcl -1_edited-1

Santa, if there’s one thing I want for Christmas more than anything, it’s someone to spend Christmas with, not as an afterthought invitation because they feel sorry for me, but someone who really wants me to be there.
Romance author Jenna Heart is headed to the mountains of East Tennessee for a December writer’s workshop. Since her mother passed after a long illness, Jenna has had one wish: she doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone. Every night she makes her list of five things for which she is most thankful.
Meeting Nicolo Maldini, cover model and actor, could make more than Jenna’s Christmas wish come true. If Ember Morten, Nicolo’s ex girlfriend doesn’t do something crazy to stop Jenna and Nicolo from being together.

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John Antorino is the cover model on Jenna’s Christmas Wish.

Look for my interview with cover model and actor John Antorino in the December issue of Affaire de Coeur Magazine and on my Cover Model Corner blog.

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So Many New Changes – The Birth of Belo Dia Publishing

Debra Logo rgb

This has been a year of many changes for me. Previously signed with five publishers I am now down to two as a result of one going bankrupt, one not paying me properly and one where the contract simply came to an end. So far in 2015 I have had to negotiate for reversion of rights from three publishers. All while continuing to meet existing contract obligations and to write new stories. It has been a very busy and stress filled year.

The thing and endings and clearing things away is that it creates room for new things, often better things. My experiences this year led me to start my own small publishing company, Belo Dia Publishing.

Belo Dia is Portuguese for Beautiful Day.

Often friends will hear me say, “Every day we are alive is a beautiful day.” Every day is a gift. It is this thought which permeates everything I do at Belo Dia. My intention is to publish books which have happy endings and books which uplift in some way.

I’m getting the back list up and published for the remainder of this year and will turn to publishing new works of fiction next year as well as a poetry anthology. Expect to see many more books put out by Belo Dia.

Here is my new logo. I’m thrilled with the way it expresses everything I intend Belo Dia to be.

With two cover artists and one formatter, we are well on our way. I’ll be taking on an editor for the new stories. So many beautiful things to look forward to and beautiful things to share with you soon. Stay close. Another beautiful new day is just over the next hill.

The Five-minute Book Review and Why You Should Write One

The five-minute book review and why you should write one.

Why should you write a five-minute review? Why am I asking you to write one?

Because you liked the story. Because it helps the author. Because it might lead to the author having another story out which you might like as well or better. Because if you don’t you may not find another book by this author. Or a book similar to this one, in the same genre or writing style. Authors sometimes switch to other types of stories and low reviews and low sales are one reason why.

Reviews are getting harder and harder to get. I am hearing this from traditionally published authors as well as Indies and hybrid authors like myself.

Have you ever had a favorite food, brand, or store? Maybe it was one of your favorite things but suddenly the store no longer carries the food or brand or the store is no longer in business. I’ve had this happen to me. It left me wondering what happened when I liked it so much.

This can happen to books and their authors as well. Books need reviews. Fewer reviews mean fewer sales. That hurts authors. It hurts their books. And it hurts you, the reader, because that author you like, that book you like, and they may not stay around long if you don’t support them.

Can you speak up for the things you like? And I do not mean clicking like on your face book feed. I mean taking five minutes out of your day to write a short review, which basically says hey I liked this book. A few sentences. One paragraph.

So you’re not a “book reviewer”. Well neither am I. But each of us can say in simple language hey, I liked this book. Or hey I liked it but I wish it had more of this thing. Or I am not sure what to think of this book. Or even this was not my cup of tea but it was well written. Or even I didn’t care for this book and this is why. Just the honest truth of what you think of the book. That’s all. One simple review. A few sentences. Five minutes.

One sentence. I liked this book.

Two sentences. I enjoyed this book. I hope to read more by this author.

See how easy that is? Simple. Might take you less than five minutes.

Five minutes. You can do it. I bet you can even write a better review than one of my examples.

And if you do write a short review, I thank you for it. On behalf of every author and every book you review I thank you for it. We need you. We love you. We appreciate you.

Earth Angels and Their Gifts

Angels walk the earth. Some of them seen and some of them unseen.

You may have heard me say this before, because I believe in earth angels. What and who are earth angels? To me these are people like you or me who listen to the whispers of angels and who follow those whisperings, nudges and heart yearnings. The spread love in the world. The one thing they always do is spread love.

One of them is Barb Wright.

Barb is one of my reader friends on Facebook. She makes the most beautiful quilts and gifts them to authors and others she feels led to bless with these gifts. Not long ago she made me a beautiful lap quilt to keep me warm in winter when I am writing away. You may have remembered the blog post I made about the quilt. Here is a picture of it.


This week Barb sent me this beautiful padded notebook cover for the notebooks I use when planning and working on my books.


Isn’t it lovely? These are gifts of the heart, made with love.

Now what Barb doesn’t know is, the fabric she selected for my book cover goes perfectly with the books in my home. I have two sectional bookcases passed down to me from my grandfather Maxwell. They hold leather bound books which were also his. I treasure them greatly. As you can see, the material is very much like those much beloved books in my home.

This is just one more reason why I believe Barb has angels whispering in her ear. She couldn’t have known about the bookcases and the books. But the angels know. They know and they whisper and she listens.

Thank you Barb! I know just the story to start writing next. Your timing is perfect.