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Dystopian Romance

Hunger Road Trilogy

A Change of Scenery; Book One

Belly dancer Cyree Heat is headed from Memphis to the Caribbean for a vacation after a horrible divorce. A Change of Scenery is just what she needs to forget her troubles. At the Atlanta shuttle station she is handed a letter, which says she cannot board the Zuilund Super Shuttle until she receives an injection of Sendot, a new drug that prevents a new deadly gastrointestinal illness. She stops in a shuttle lounge for a drink on her way to check in and gets locked inside the wrecked deserted room with no one to hear her calling and no cell phone service.

Navy SEAL Warren West finds Cyree sleeping in the lounge and rescues her. Soon they are on the run from the agency because she missed her injection and shuttle and is now on the list. Is a change of scenery what she needs or is it Warren?

REVIEWS from the original short story suggested the story be made longer, into a trilogy.:
Sweet Cravings Publishing
E book
4.5 Stars

Cyree Heat, a professional belly dancer, needed a break and was heading to Grand Cayman. When she arrived at the airport counter, they handed her a paper to read and sign—permission to receive a shot. After being knocked over by a woman, Cyree started watching the crowd. Anxiety started creeping in; something wasn’t right. The more she looked around at the people, the more odd things appeared to her.
She decided to get out of the way and entered an abandoned lounge. The door slammed behind her and she was locked in. Once her eyes adjusted to the dark, she realized something had happened, something very serious.
This reader was disappointed for one huge reason. It wasn’t long enough! The author can take this story and make a great series out of it (hint). Ms. Parmley pulls her readers in from the very beginning, keeping the reader enthralled all the way to the end.
Lauren Calder – Affaire de Coeur Magazine

Down a Backroad; Book Two coming in 2019

Into the Convergence Zone; Book Three coming in 2019

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