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See Debra in South Dakota! Debra will be in Deadwood South Dakota June 19, 2021, for Wild Deadwood Reads! Book Signing on June 19th, 2021 open to the public


MONTANA DELTA RESCUE: June 15th, 2021 release. Debra’s 6th book in the Brotherhood Protectors World. The story of Delta Force K9 handler Ricky “Rock” Trumbull, his K9 Hercules, and heroine actress Marilyn Mae Teals who is on the run from her mafia ex-boyfriend and his henchmen. Cover Model John Quinlan.

Join the Facebook release party June 15th for games and prizes!

Checking In: June 28th, 2021 release. Up for pre-order on Amazon soon! Check Out is book one in the Bobbins Sisters Series and Checking in is book two. New cover coming soon!

More News! Debra’s short story The Road to Groom Lake is going to the moon!

Debra’s official certificate.
The area 51 anthology which is going to the moon!

Debra’s short story, The Road to Groom Lake, part of the We Know the Truth, Do You? Anthology, to celebrate the raid at Area 51, raised funds for our military veterans. Now it is in a time capsule which is going to the moon! Anthology stories are “official stowaways” and you can see the certificate above.

The Road to Groom Lake followed the heroine and hero in Debra’s novella, A Change of Scenery, Book One in the Hunger Road trilogy. A Change of Scenery is currently under revision and the new version will be out this year as A Change of Scenery Again. Book two, Down a Back Road, will follow. Book three, Into the Convergence Zone, will finish the trilogy.

This is the book that will be changing.COVID19 changed everything. The futuristic romance was set in a world of big pharma, forced injections, and a virus, with the heroine on the run from the government. Current events have created a domino effect on the books creating a need for each to be rewritten.

Debra will be a signing author at Books At The Beach: Clearwater Beach, FL October 21 – 24, 2021

The book signing is Oct. 23rd, 2021 from 11 – 3


All Debra’s non romance books will be under her new pen name, which is her maiden name.

Debra Bishop Stories coming soon:

The new Vella program of serialized stories will be rolling out from Amazon in a couple months, and Debra has started a serial fantasy story for the program.

The Sweetest Day is a fairy tale for all ages. An early version (short story) is in the Hansel and Gretel anthology under Debra Parmley. It was the only story in the collection which was not an adults-only story. In Debra’s version, Hansel and Gretel do what they can to avoid letting the witch fatten them up until they can get away. The new story will be a longer version of the earlier tale and will be out as one of the first Debra Bishop books.

Gatalop (back from the developmental editor – now in rewrites) – Medieval fantasy.

Bellserie – Faeries, oh my! Debra’s faerie book. They will let her know when it is time. They’ve been quite mischievous through the whole experience.

Debra is reminding you that “Every day we are alive is a beautiful day,” and she hopes her stories and your visit to her website contribute to your beautiful day!