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Debra and her husband have moved into their new motorhome! Here is their 2010 Tiffin Allegra bus, where Debra will travels while writing and sharing her books and travel adventures.

Debra and Michael’s new 2010 Tiffin Allegra bus

Book news:

Debra writes Military Romantic Suspense. Watch for her 6th book in the Brotherhood Protectors World to release Feb. 2021.



A Change of Scenery, book one in the Hunger Roads trilogy, is being rewritten since COVID19 changed everything and this futuristic romance was set in a word of big pharma, forced injections, and virus, with the heroine on the run from the government. Current events have created a domino effect on these books creating a need for each of them to be rewritten. Down a Back Road which is book two, will come out at the same time as the re-release of book one . Into the Convergence Zone, the third and final book will follow

Did you know that Debra also writes Fairy Tales?

Following the fairy tale theme, watch for the release of Vague Directions, formerly Debra’s short story published through Boroughs Publishing. This new novella-length version is a fairy tale of modern age medieval re-enactment events where fairy tale creatures lurk and ordinary humans become heroes and heroines.

Sometimes it’s good to get lost in a fairy tale.


To Catch An Elf: Pennsylvania Fighter Pilot¬†Force hero Ted Barr, Jack Bar’s twin. (Jack Barr is the hero in Montana Marine, part of Brotherhood Protectors world.)

Exotic Butterfly – Book three in the Butterflies Fly free 1920’s romance series about flappers is on hold until Debra can make a research trip to Miami, FL where this book is set.

Gatalop – (with the editor undergoing developmental editing) – Medieval fantasy romance at Castle Gatalop by the sea.

Bellserie – Faeries, oh my! Debra’s faerie book. They will let her know when it is ready when they are done playing. They have been quite mischievous throughout the whole experience.

LARGE PRINT . . . is still coming. These will start releasing as libraries open again. Debra’s large print books will contain all the suspense of her other editions but sex scenes will be more like a James Bond Movie… sensual, but then a closed door, so readers can imagine sex scenes as they like them.


On Teachable – currently being organized and set up for her first online students. Debra has been teaching beginning writers since 2009 when her first book came out, but 2020 is her first time teaching online video classes. Currently in Beta testing.

EVENTS IN PERSON: All 2020 in person events have been rescheduled to 2021

2021 EVENTS:

BOBASE Book Obsessed Babes Author Signing Event in St Augustine, FL March 19 – 21

BLC21 Book Lovers Convention in Orlando, FL April 8 – 11 2021 at the Omni –

Debra wants to remind you that “Every day we are alive is a beautiful day,” and she hopes her stories and your visit to her website have contributed to your beautiful day.

Thank you for visiting!