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Brotherhood Protectors Series

When Elle James invited Debra to write in her Kindle World, she was thrilled. She’d been following Elle’s books ever since her first came out.

Montana Marine was the first book Debra wrote for Elle’s Brotherhood Protectors Series and it was a Kindle Worlds book. Though Kindle Worlds later closed, Elle opened her own publishing house, Twisted Pages Press, to republish the books along with new ones.

With her second Brotherhood Protectors book, Defensive Instructor, Debra imagined a world within Elle’s world. Three C’s Ranch, in Eagle Rock, Montana, is a place where women who have been attacked or abused come to learn self-defense and other empowering skills to help them move into a better life.

Marine Protector continues at Three C’s Ranch and is the third of Debra’s Brotherhood Protectors books.

Blind Trust, is the story of Cecelia, the blind receptionist at the Three C’s Ranch, and is Debra’s fourth Brotherhood Protector book.

A Triple C Christmas Wedding brings the couple from Montana Marine to Three C’s Ranch for their wedding. Debra’s fifth Brotherhood Protector book.

Coming June 15th, 2021: Montana Delta Rescue

A Box Set is also available: