Gone to Texas: A Desperate Journey is now out in paperback, in eBook and LARGE PRINT HARDCOVER. Gone to Texas was the original title and this is the original story.

Debra’s first book, A Desperate Journey, was a western historical romance her agent sold to Samhain Publishing in 2007 in a traditional contract with a $100 advance. The book came out in ebook in 2008 and in print in 2009. It included a prologue her agent asked her to write.

After the seven-year contract was up, rights reverted to Debra. She then revised the story, removed the prologue and sex scenes and then self-published the book through her new press, Belo Dia Publishing Inc. with a new cover and new ISBN number.

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1867, Along the Old Chisholm Trail 

The west may be wild, but it’s no match for the fiery intensity of a mother’s love. 

After draining the last of their money, Sally Wheeler’s no-good husband snatched their son and bolted for Texas. Vowing to stop at nothing to get her boy back, she hits the trails to track him down. But she can’t do it alone. Sally partners up with two men to better her chances of surviving the perils of the prairie. 

Her friend, an old mule skinner with a salty disposition and warm heart.

A handsome maverick driven by a vendetta all his own. 

Together, the trio sets out to right the wrongs of the past, while keeping Sally’s darling daughter safe. Yet when Rob Truman—the maverick hellbent on claiming revenge—discovers he and Sally are hunting the same man, he’s torn between his desire to settle a score and his growing passion for her. 

Despite their feelings, budding love will have to wait. Flying bullets. Harsh weather. Life threatening illnesses. Malicious outlaws. First, the crew must learn to trust one another if they hold any hope of making it to Texas alive. 

From author Debra Parmley comes a gripping historical romance packed with the same unmatchable courage that won the Wild West!

Dangerous Ties was written to be a follow-up western to A Desperate Journey, for a western anthology Samhain Publishing was putting out. When they turned it down, Debra’s new editor wanted her to turn the story into erotic romance, which was a no go. Debra then offered Dangerous Ties to Desert Breeze Publishing and they published it. Dangerous Ties was a 2013 RONE award finalist. Another seven years would go by before Debra received rights back and republished the story through Belo Dia Publsihing Inc. with a new cover and a new ISBN number.

Dangerous Ties – 

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1860, Nevada 

Betrayed. Tortured. Left for dead. 

Lillian Hayes didn’t know her fiancé was a charlatan… until he disappeared with the gold belonging to all the townsfolk. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of her troubles. 

Her cousin, Carl, is deeply indebted to Kingston, a saloon owner and known criminal, and points him in Lillian’s direction to save his own hide. Branded and strung up over a mine-shaft, Lillian is tortured for answers she doesn’t have. 

Salvation comes in the form of a handsome horse wrangler moving his herd to town. After cutting Lillian free and carefully tending to her wounds, Nick Brace teaches her to shoot in hopes she can protect herself in the future. 

But neither are ready to part ways quite yet… 

Drawn to Nick with a magnetic attraction, Lillian accompanies him on his horse-trading deal. There, she is shocked to discover the meeting is with the same man who viciously attacked her. When the deal goes bad, can Lillian save Nick from Kingston’s violent agenda?

Along the dusty trails of the old west, Author Debra Parmley delivers nonstop action mixed seamlessly with compelling romance! 

When Debra re-published her first two western historical romances, she was finally able to write a third western to tie the two together in Deadly Adversaries.

Deadly Adversaries – 

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1881, East Texas 

Alone. Targeted. Deceived. 

Carolyn Truman’s father was killed in the dead of night, their scheming neighbor, Mr. Holland, then claiming he won their family farm in a card game. The only way Carolyn will be able to keep her beloved home is by agreeing to marry the despicable Holland.

Out of options, Carolyn sends a letter to her brother, Matt, begging for his help. 

But Matt won’t be riding in alone. By his side is fellow Texas Ranger Jake Brace, who is willing to join the fight to prevent Carolyn from becoming the ultimate ante to a poker game wrong. Yet one look at Carolyn, and Jake is ready to offer her his heart. 

Their budding feelings for each other are temporarily trampled into the dusty trail when Carolyn is kidnapped by Holland and his men. Now, Jake and Matt are on the hunt to bring her home. Holland has yet to learn the two determined and deadly Rangers are bringing the full fury of Texas with them… but he will. 

Debra Parmley delivers a knockout conclusion to her historical romance series set in the gritty Old West with Deadly Adversaries! 

After Debra had rights to her first two westerns back, she was able to publish the third western which ties them together. Then she released her first box set of the three eBooks. Desperate, Dangerous and Deadly: a Western Collection.

Desperate, Dangerous and Deadly: A Western Collection

A Mail Order Bride story:

Debra was thrilled to be invited to write a book in the American Mail-Order Bride Series, as long as she could write the Ohio book! Born and raised in Ohio, she set Isabella, Bride of Ohio in Yellow Springs, just fifteen minutes from her parent’s house, and named the heroine Isabella, in honor of her paternal grandmother Isabella, whose parents were both from Sweden. With co-writer Robert Arrow, Debra wrote this mail order bride story with action and adventure that she felt her grandmother would have enjoyed.

Isabella Bride of Ohio is book 17 in the 50-book American Mail-Order Bride series. However, it can be read as a stand-alone book as well.

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Synopsis: Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, first loses her parents and then her job at the factory after it burns down. Nothing in American seems to last but she hopes her mail-order bride marriage to the handsome and wealthy Donald Jenks will. But as her grandmother always said, trouble comes in threes and there is danger standing between her and her happy ever after with her true love.

Tom, a Pinkerton agent, is on the case of disappearing women is traveling on the same train as Isabella when she is selected as the next victim. Will he save her in time for her to marry Donald? And will she have the happy ever after she has dreamed of?


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Synopsis: Trapping the Butterfly is book one in Debra Parmley’s Butterflies Fly Free series about flappers and gangsters in the 1920’s. Each book focuses on a different flapper. 
Hot Springs Arkansas in the 1920s is where the wealthy go to “take the baths” for medicinal purposes and where gangsters lay down their Tommy guns while on vacation. Bethany and her aunt and uncle have gone to take the baths hoping to cure her aunt of her illness. Bethany, excited to be celebrating her eighteenth birthday at the Arlington Hotel, can’t wait to cut her long hair into a bob and to raise her hemline, and learn to do the Charleston. Her life has been controlled, from the clothes she wears to the food she eats as her aunt and uncle have kept her–and her inheritance–very close. If her aunt and uncle have their way she will return engaged to his new business partner. 
Little does she know Al Capone has rented the entire fourth floor of the Arlington where she is staying with her family, and Suki, the flapper who befriends her, is one of the gang’s molls. One of Al’s men is quite taken with Bethany and wants to make her his girl.
Detective Paul Tollick chased butterflies when he was young. Now he chases gangsters. His job plunges him into the harsh underworld of gangsters, bootleggers, and fast women. He’s captivated by the sight of innocent Bethany, sitting in the park surrounded by butterflies. He hopes she will be his girl. 
But two other men have determined to catch her and one is a dangerous gangster who is part of Al Capone’s gang. Will Bethany exit her cocoon, and then find the strength to fly free or will she be trapped by one of these men?
Coming of age in the 1920s is not so easy as it might appear, especially for a young naïve girl who has been sheltered.

Book Two, Suki’s Story

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Synopsis: Suki aka Susan Chesterfield, is finally being asked to dinner by Frank Omato, one of Al Capone’s enforcers, after finishing her dance number at the Green Mill in Chicago, when gunmen entered the club with their Thompson submachine guns, ready to take out Al and anyone else in his gang or in their way. Frank saves Suki’s life, pushing her out of the way and she escapes down the secret stairs behind the bar only to fall and break her foot. Everyone who knows how is escaping down the tunnels underneath Chicago’s streets which were used to deliver hootch to all the speakeasies on the route. But Suki can’t make her way out alone. She needs someone to help her and to get her to a doctor who can look at her foot. Frank comes to the rescue once again, making sure a doctor looks at her foot. She’s broken her talus bone in half and it will be weeks until the cast can come off and she’s able to dance again. How is she going to pay the rent? Frank comes to the rescue more than once, but there’s a catch. There always is, when a gangster is involved and wants you to be his moll. There is safety in being a gangsters moll. No one messes with Frank’s woman. But will she still be free and independent now that she’s Frank’s girl?
Falling for Frank, it is oh so easy to say yes. But the life of a moll isn’t an easy one. How will independent Suki handle being Frank’s moll? She’s itching to dance again and to break out of that cast and be free. But she knows she has to wait and to “live in the now.” “The right now.”  
A rival gang paid for a hit on Al and the shooting at The Green Mill is one of several attempts against Al and his men. After four weeks of being cooped up in her apartment leaves Suki feeling restless, Frank surprises her by telling her he’s sending her to Miami, Florida on the train. Al and his men are going to Miami so Al can see the horse races at the new Miami Jockey Club in Hialeah. Knowing she is restless, Frank sends Suki down early on the train so she can recuperate at The Flamingo Hotel, the first grand hotel in Miami. She travels by train to Miami, first-class all the way, courtesy of Frank, who will join her when he comes down with Al and his men. 
But train travel isn’t without dangers. Something happens she can’t tell Frank about. How can she when she had three rules to follow and broke the first two even before she’d been gone twenty-four hours? 
The rules are harder for a flapper to keep than she’d thought they’d be. She wasn’t supposed to leave her compartment until she reached her final destination. That was the first rule she broke and kept on breaking. He’d be angry if he knew she’d been exploring the Jacksonville Florida train station instead of heeding his words She doesn’t dare tell him what happened to her, or about meeting Phillip in the dining car. 
Phillip is traveling on the same train as Suki and is seated at her table in the dining car when there are no other open seats. He recently moved to Miami from Barcelona, Spain, and enjoys telling Suki all about his new home. Suki, who has never traveled anywhere until now, is fascinated by the well-traveled and educated gentleman who seems to see right into her, noticing things few do. He promises to introduce her to his twin sister, Phyllis, who he believes will be a good friend to Suki.
Once she reaches Miami, her restlessness is even worse. She can’t wait to get the cast off and to be free of Enzo, Franks man, who Frank assigned to meet her at the train station and to help her with whatever needs. But is he there to help or to watch her and report back to Frank? 
Phillip keeps his promise, introduces her to Phyllis and they become fast friends. By the time Frank arrives, Suki is ready to dance up a storm with Phyllis. Will Suki break out of her cast to be free and independent again? Or has she been caged?