A cruise on a luxurious ship, a handsome ex-Marine, moonlight strolls on the deck – it sounds like a perfect recipe for romance. – Ana Smith – InD’Tale Magazine


Debra Parmley writes a short, sweet novel readers will enjoy. Her hero and heroine are sympathetic characters, and readers will empathize with them as they deal with Leann’s chaos. Also, this tale sheds some light on the serious issue of stalking. Heather Nordahl Files – Affaire de Coeur magazine


 “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1926:  If life had ever been anything other than this, Bethany couldn’t remember it. Between her perpetually sick aunt who never gets tired of criticizing her and her distant uncle she was being starved, poked and prodded into their image of a lady. Soon, she’ll be turning eighteen and will finally gain her inheritance and freedom. Unfortunately, those last few inches to independence are being obstructed by her uncle’s schemes, her rash involvement with Al Capone’s thugs and a cop (Paul) with a love for butterflies who might become everything to her….

An incredibly poignant story about a young girl exiting her cocoon and finding her strength! Beth’s transformation from a meek girl forced to endure tyranny into a daring young woman was beautiful to see. The backdrop of jazz music, the prohibition and gangsters is exciting enough for a reader to imagine an inviting, sensual film unfolding in from of them.

As in most novellas, the length of the story didn’t leave room for everything that needed to be said and shown. Here, the one slighted was Paul, who could almost be seen more as an idea than an actual character. Subsequently, the relationship between him and Beth felt like it happened in a dream, with the edges so blurry all that was clear were the words of love shared and the sense they were, indeed, kindred spirits.  Still, four enthusiastic stars! – Mimi Smith, InD’Tale Magazine 4.5 stars

Bethany Robinson was taken in by her aunt and uncle after her parents’ death. Although she appreciated everything they had done, she looked forward to her freedom when she turned eighteen. She would no longer have to live under their strict rules.
Taking a trip with them to the Hot Springs Bath, Bethany thought that would be an opportune time to follow her plans. Being on her own while her aunt took her treatments, Bethany began meeting and chatting with other people vacationing at the springs. She met a detective who was watching the Capone clan, a gangster who worked with Capone, and a young lady who was a girlfriend of another gangster.
When she realized her uncle’s business meeting was to arrange a marriage with an older man, she refused, rebelling. Unfortunately, her decision making skills were not up to par, and Bethany seemed to continue to get herself into hot water.
Do not blink while reading this story, a fast paced tale that will snag you the way gangsters corner their prey. This very talented author shows a flair for story telling that is rare and hard to find. – Lauren Calder – Affaire de Coeur Magazine


“Isabella Britta Stolt is an immigrant from Sweden who has found herself without her parents and without a job. She and a group of friends make the decision to become mail-order brides. Trying her best to make a rational decision, she decides to try and take it slow, getting to know the man she picked as a potential husband. She is thrilled that they both seem to want the same things in life. Donald Jenks is an accountant. Sending her money. He invites Isabella to visit him so they could get to know each other better and help decide if they would fit. On the way to Ohio, Isabella was robbed and almost abducted. Pinkerton man Tom Allenby has been assigned to the train to try and find the abductors. When he realizes Isabella may have been a target, he follows, rescuing her just in the nick of time. When Tom travels to Ohio to return her stolen money, there is a clash between Donald and Tom. Tom feelsthere is something off about the man, and he is going to find out what it is. It’s been quite a while since this reviewer had to re-read a book because she was so involved with the story that she forgot to take notes! Isabella takes you on a wonderful, exciting ride full of intrigue, adventure, and ending with an HEA.” – Kitty Lane – Affaire de Coeur magazine


“A good story with lots of action and chemistry… If you like a traditional historical romance, you will love this book.”    – Gennie – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“Ms. Parmley writes wonderful characters who run the gamut from kind and sweet to seriously evil! She portrays what the Wild West must have been like in the late 1800’s – from the way women were treated, to the gun-slinging found in the dirt streets of small western towns…. this story is so enticing,  it immediately sucks one in, and won’t let go until the very last word!” – Tonya Smalley, InD’Tale Magazine


“A stunning debut! A Desperate Journey is an enchanting tale of love, forgiveness, redemption and passion. Don’t miss this one.” – Gerri Russell, author of Warrior’s Bride

“An outstanding read that pricks the heart.” – Cherokee – Coffee Time Romance

“Debra Parmley is a promising new writer.” – Bobbi Smith, NYT bestselling author

“Sally Wheeler was married just weeks before her seventeenth birthday to a charming man she believed was everything she could ever want.  Things change – suddenly.  Luke quickly turned out to be her worst nightmare.  Now everything she has is gone:  her house, her money, her husband… and he has taken their son with him. With only the note to go by, Sally is frantic but determined to get her son back no matter what the cost.

Rob Truman has spent five long years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and now he is going to get vengeance. He will find Luke Wheeler if it takes him the rest of his life.  His search takes him to the small town but discovers Luke has run-off again. Rob decides the quickest way to track him is to follow Luke’s woman. Unfortunately that woman turns out to be everything he has ever dreamed of. Too bad she is married to the man he will kill.

What an interesting twist to the average Western theme!  Ms. Parmley creates circumstances that are believable yet drives them in new and creative ways… the story is just unique enough and the climax and resolution exciting enough that it is well worth the read!” – Ruth Lynn Ritter – InD’Tale Magazine