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Montana Marine,  Elle James Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World series, available in ebook for your Kindle!


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When Marine veteran Nash Ware walks into the library where shy librarian Betsy Bobbin works, she’s intimidated by the handsome man who wears an eye patch and an attitude. Her car has a flat in a storm and Nash comes to her rescue. A fight outside a bar between an angry Nash and a drunk frightens Betsy. She’s fallen for him but is it safe to fall in love with a wounded veteran with PTSD? Betsy is torn. Will love and trust win out over her fear before it’s too late?
Nash has found the girl of his dreams, but his wounds run deep. His ex-fiancé was repulsed by his eye and his eye patch, and manufactured drama like bees do honey. However, real drama surrounds Betsy, when a stalker comes after her sister.


Librarian Betsy Bobbin has been taken with Nash Ware from the moment they met in the library, though he was anything but at his best at the time. It’s a night of foul weather, and as she leaves the building, she discovers that she has a flat tire. Nash is there to take her home, and from there a tentative relationship begins.

It’s a winding road to a first date because Betsy’s sister Leann is coming to visit from college. She’s wild and a bit of a trouble magnet. When Leann nearly gets assaulted and gets drunk enough to throw up, it creates an impediment to Betsy’s and Nash’s budding romance. Leann has a more serious problem as well, and that drama keeps Nash and Betsy apart.

Debra Parmley writes a short, sweet novel readers will enjoy. Her hero and heroine are sympathetic characters, and readers will empathize with them as they deal with Leann’s chaos. Also, this tale sheds some light on the serious issue of stalking. Heather Nordahl Files – Affaire de Coeur magazine

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Aboard the Wishing Star

Re-release in print and in ebook through Belo Dia Publishing

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When Kara’s, husband is shot and killed in front of her in what she’s told is a random act of violence, she becomes convinced the world is unsafe. Her life is quiet and predictable, until she wins a Caribbean cruise for two and takes along her best friend.

On her trip she meets Nate, a scuba dive instructor and ex marine. He’ll teach her to face her fear of deep water and teach her to snorkel. Will Kara learn to trust him with her heart, when she fears this shipboard romance will reach an end and she’ll never see him again, leaving her broken hearted?

When Kara’s boss shows up at their first port of call unexpectedly, Nate’s protective nature comes out.

Her creepy boss becomes more aggressive after she returns to Ohio and when she calls Nate he gets on the first plane. Can Nate rescue her?


“Reading Aboard The Wishing Star takes cruisers on a new journey that they can participate in. As a cruiser you will remember all the wonderful things that are talked about and the on board happenings. This book combines romance and mystery for the reader who enjoys both. Kara certainly is more than a bit backward in how people can really be (not always nice)and Nate comes along and all we want is for him to protect her. I was trying to figure out what was going to happen next and held my breath in several sections of the book waiting to see what happened. I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to the next book Debra Parmley offers.” – Maxsmom (AMAZON)


After two years of watching her every penny, Kara is finally financially secure enough to spend money on something she wants. True, the cruise aboard The Wishing Star wasn’t exactly her idea, but it is time to try and spread her wings a bit (even though she’s deathly afraid of water). Her trip doesn’t start so well, with the airline losing her baggage and her boss calling her over and over again. The only bright spot is the stranger she meets at the airport.  Nate (the handsome stranger), is charmed by Kara. And, it turns out that they are on the same cruise! The possibilities are suddenly endless, if only she can find the courage to go for what she wants.

A cruise on a luxurious ship, a handsome ex-Marine, moonlight strolls on the deck – it sounds like a perfect recipe for romance. – Ana Smith – InD’Tale Magazine 2 stars





Heather expected things to be a little crazy at her first medieval reenactment. She didn’t expect to need rescuing—or to find a real hero.


After nearly getting lost on her way to her first medieval reenactment, Heather’s evening only gets crazier from there. Sparks fly between her and the handsome and chivalrous Roland, who’s not just a pretend knight in shining armor but an undercover army ranger on a dangerous mission. When he rescues Heather from a real—if fuzzy—monster attack, the pair is forced to spend the night in his safe house. And while Heather may no longer be in danger, her heart most definitely is.

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