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Debra Parmley  

Happy Fourth of July! And a Book Sale!

This month I am focusing on all the military heroes in my books and five of them are on sale in eBook for just 99 cents at the links posted. The sale ends Sunday the 7th when pricing goes back up.

Here is an up-to-date list of all the military heroes I have written:

  • Marine veteran and scuba dive instructor – Aboard the Wishing Star (the second novel I wrote)
  • Marine veteran Nash Ware has an eye patch and PTSD – Check Out
  • Marine Recon Gunnery Sergeant veteran Jack “Gunny” Barr – Montana Marine (BP)
  • Green Beret veteran Barrett Williams – Defensive Instructor (BP)
  • Marine Sergeant veteran Tim “Timbers” Watson – Marine Protector (BP)
  • Marine Force Recon veteran Brian “Barbie” Ken – Blind Trust (BP)
  • Marine Recon Gunnery Sergeant Jack “Gunny” Barr – A Triple C Ranch Christmas Wedding (BP)
  • Delta Force K9 Handler Ricky “Rock” Trumbull – Montana Delta Rescue (BP)
  • K9 veteran, German Shepherd Hercules “Herc” – Montana Delta Rescue (BP)
  • Navy SEAL veteran – Montana SEAL Protector (BP)
  • Navy SEAL active duty Tanner “Diesel” Taylor – Finding Bryce (GB)
  • Navy SEAL active duty Reed Watson – Real Movie Hero (GB)
  • Navy SEAL active duty Tony “Cutter” Cuttino – Saving the Bellydancer (GB)
  • US Air Force Fighter Pilot active duty Ted Barr – To Catch an Elf: Pennsylvania Fighter Pilot (suspense)
  • Special Team Army Ranger active duty – Vague Directions: Into the Woods (urban fantasy romance)
  • Special Team SEAL veteran Warren West – Another Change of Scenery (dystopian military romance set in the future) is releasing July 16th!

(BP) books are in the Elle James Brotherhood Protector series and the (GB) books are in my new Green Brotherhood SEAL Team XII series set in Virginia Beach, VA, where we lived for 7 weeks this spring. This is SEAL Team 6 territory so you can imagine how excited I was to be there for two months.

This July, I am celebrating with my USAF veteran hubby, writing new pages, updating my new website here, swimming in the pool at the RV park, reading, and best of all enjoying visits with my three grandchildren. There’s a live band coming to the RV park for a 4th of July event on Saturday night and I’m excited about that.

May you have a healthy and happy Fourth of July! – Love, Debra 

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