Debra Bishop

Debra’s non-romance books will be written under her maiden name, Debra Bishop.

The Sweetest Day – now available in ebook. A Hansel and Gretel story for all ages.

The Rolling House – Serial Fiction on Kindle Vella: 1st 3 episodes free here:

Amazon gives you 200 coins to keep reading after the first three. The Rolling House is a fantasy story about a college student, Anne, who inherits the Rolling House, a time-traveling motorhome aka Mr. Rolling, who can talk and shapeshift. Zip, a shape-shifting talking dog stows aboard. Where will the rolling house take Anne in 2022?

More works in progress: More fantasy stories!

Gatalop – medieval fantasy – finished developmental edits – currently in a major rewrite

Bellserie – Faeries, oh my! Debra’s faerie book. They’ll let her know when it’s time. They’ve been quite mischievous through the whole experience. coming soon!