June 2023 Teaching Promoting Yourself and Your Book on Radio or TV at Wild Deadwood Reads in Deadwood, SD.

Short teaching bio:

Bestselling Author Debra Parmley has taught on panels at conferences since 2009, earned her Toastmasters CC in 2015, and has taught her own classes ranging from four-hour workshops to one-hour classes to private mentoring sessions via Skype or Zoom as well as speaking to groups. For a year and a half, she hosted her radio show – Book Lights Radio: Shining a Light on Good Books! where she interviewed authors of fiction every Tuesday night. Debra enjoys teaching as her writing schedule allows.

Debra’s longer teaching bio:

Debra taught beginning writers since 2009 when she was invited by Bobbi Smith and Judy McCoy to join writing panels at the Romantic Times Book Lovers convention in Orlando after her first book came out in ebook and in print. Quiet and unused to speaking in public, she asked a mentor who had given many speeches what she could possibly contribute when she only had one book out and would be seated with New York Times bestselling authors. His advice: You know your journey and what you have learned. In your audience, there will be beginning writers who can learn by listening to you. If you can help just one writer it will be worth it. She has never forgotten that advice and she has never forgotten the beginning writer. Helping beginning writers is one of her favorite things to do.

From those nervous beginnings, she went on to get her CC from Toastmasters and to even become a radio host for Book Lights – Shining a Light on Good Books, a Blog talk radio show for Readers Entertainment(a division of Circle of Seven) where she loved every minute meeting and interviewing authors of fiction. Debra has continued to teach on panels, in one-hour classes of her own, and in four-hour workshops.

In 2020 Debra moved her mentoring entirely to online zoom sessions. Shutdowns across the country made Debra realize she would also need to start moving her classes online. She is currently taping many of the classes she taught, to offer them on Teachable and Udemy. If you are looking for a class on a particular subject please let her know as she may have just what you are looking for in her files.

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Past Speaking engagements and Testimonials:

Promoting Yourself and Your Book on Radio or TV 

Terrified of being interviewed on radio or TV? Bestselling author and former radio host Debra Parmley was, the first time she had a TV and a radio interview, but she conquered her fears, earned her Toastmasters CC and later become host of Book Lights Radio, part of Readers Entertainment and Circle of Seven where she interviewed authors every Tuesday night. Now she teaches authors how to overcome those fears. Debra will tell you ways to get a radio interview, how to prepare to be on radio or TV, going live and doing improv, how to enjoy your interview and how an interview can help your career.
Debra was first interviewed on WKNO radio and on Fox – 13 TV in 1999, after her first published short story, Vampire From Memphis, was a finalist in the Darrell Awards. The interviews terrified her. She started speaking on author panels and mentoring writers in 2009 after her first novel came out in print and in 2015 earned her CC with Toastmasters. She went on to host her own radio show from 2016 to 2017 and loved every minute of it. Book Lights Radio, part of Readers Entertainment and Circle of Seven was live on blog talk radio every Tuesday night and the tapes are still available online. She enjoys helping authors learn not to be terrified of interviews.

Feedback from local classes and writing workshops:

“Debra’s writing classes are informative, productive, and fun. The techniques she teaches are accessible and helped me better understand and create dialogue, description, and movement. Her feedback on my work has been invaluable.  I highly recommend her classes!” – Dr. Valentina Taran

2019: June 7- 9 – Write Like a Pro Author Conference

“Debra Parmley is not only an interesting and vibrant speaker, but she also teaches from experience. She’s a true voice of authority in the writing industry. I’ve been in the business for over a decade and yet felt compelled to sit up and take notes. Not only is Debra wise beyond her years, but she delivers informative workshops guaranteed to capture and hold her audience’s attention.

I highly recommend Debra Parmley for your next writing workshop or conference. She’s a wonderful and prepared speaker who will convey her topics clearly and accurately, without reservations, and she’ll get it right every single time.” ~Destiny BlaineDestiny Blaine Workshops; Also Writing as Susan Smith Alvis

2010 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention Columbus, OH:

RT & Dad's visit 030
2010 Debra teaching Yoga at Your Desk at Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

“I attended Debra Parmley’s “Yoga at Your Desk” and Marilyn Kelly’s “Eleven Senses – Who Knew?” – both amazing workshops.” – USA Today Bestselling author Lucy Monroe, from her May 4, 2010 blog

Private Consultations:

“In one short hour, Debra was able to help me break through several years’ worth of writer’s block. She has a knack for throwing your brain for a loop with techniques more involved and useful than the plain, surface-skimming concept maps and writing prompts you find with most writers’ sources. They are useful for breaking through every bit of congestion you may run into with your writing. She is fun, insightful, and encouraging. Please, give her a shot! She is well worth the time.”  – Amanda L. Trowbridge

“Debra Parmley is a great resource and author. I scheduled an appointment to meet with Debra to review my first book. She was incredibly helpful with her knowledge and creativity as an author and her expertise in this field. Her insight regarding marketing strategies and promotion were extremely favorable. I highly recommend Debra as a wonderful teacher and guide when writing, publishing, and marketing a book.”  – Susan Saucier

To book Debra for a speaking or teaching event, email debra@debraparmley.com. She will be traveling throughout the U.S. in her motorhome and will need a place to park her 43-foot diesel bus.