Debra loves bookstores and is happy to lend support in any way she can. If you’d like to book an appearance or event or request promotional materials such as bookmarks, etc. please use the contact form on this website. Debra is available for virtual visits and loves to meet readers and bookstore owners.

If you are a reviewer for a store, website, or magazine, please use the contact form if you’d like to receive a review copy of Debra’s books.

If you’re a bookseller looking for information about Debra for an event, please see the media page for her author photo and bio.

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If you’re a store hosting a reading group event for Debra’s books, please let her know what you might need to make your group event a success.

Thank you for all you do!

Debra is a long-time supporter of Indie Book Stores.

2008 Debra’s first book launch party was held at Burkes Books in Memphis, TN. Here she is signing copies of her first novel, A Desperate Journey. Burkes is the oldest independent bookstore in Memphis.


Looking for Urban Fantasy Romance? Looking for Debra's newest book? Look No Further!

Heather hoped to find fun and romance at her first medieval reenactment. Instead, a vicious darkness followed her there with a twisted agenda all its own. She finds herself in its clutches, only to be saved by Sir Roland— a handsome stranger. Their attraction toward each other is immediate, leading to Heather happily dancing the night away in his strong arms. While Roland is skillfully aware of the dangers lurking nearby, Heather is stunned by the evil in constant pursuit. Malicious shifters. Trained rangers. A prophetic owl. Innocent lives caught in the middle. Frightened and unsure of who to trust, Heather wants to seek solace in Sir Roland's protective and heroic nature. But how can she when no one at the reenactment is who they claim to be? Will the danger end when the weekend does? Or will it follow her back to the familiar streets of home?

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